Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mother Nature hates Gaming

So, I don't know if it's because of some sort of objection to her depiction in Earthdawn or Shadowrun campaigns, but Mother Nature decidedly hates gaming. Many of the games I had slated to run both at home and at my friendly neighborhood gaming shop, Timewarp Comics and Games, have had to be canceled due to weather related events in recent months. Certainly, necessity is the mother of invention, and I got to use Google Wave to run a couple of games during snow storms, this season, but it's still disappointing to survive through another hectic week of work with the eye on the prize for some weekend gaming just to have the game squashed by a few of snow. Or an ice storm. Or a flood. The image at the left depicts some snow in the yard about a foot of snowmelt later... Good...times...

Quote of the storm season, "Uh, Tyler, we can't make it up to your place. We've been sitting in traffic for an hour and just got passed by an emergency vehicle that had 'SCUBA Squad' written on the side... We're going home."

Happily, the past couple of days have sniffed at 70 degrees, the sun is out, the basement is slowly drying out, and only a patch of snow and ice remains in the yard. It's gonna be only weeks before some dragons are slain at my picnic table. That is, until hurricane season. ;)

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