Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ho ho ho

Happy holidays, all. Many apologies for delays on posting. The moving situation was nutty to say the least. It always is - like a wedding, every move has a story. My favorite twist came when after signing all of the closing documents, the bank's attorney informed us that the bank hadn't wired the money for the house to him yet, but that we could hang out - the bank was good for it after all... This came the day after Citi Group announced that it was broke. A few hours later all was well, but...good times... good times...

Just wrapping up work today and tomorrow and then off for a week and a half. A much needed week and a half off.

Marlene and I had our annual Christmas party on Saturday night, and much of the usual gang of hoboes and hooligans showed up - Gabe "The Gospel According to Science Fiction" McKee, Gwynne Watkins of Nerve and Babble fame, The Right Reverend Gareth Edel, Evil Twin Stephan, Perennial Presidential Candidate Mark Hugo and many others. A gift of the magi event took place when I gave Mark a World of Warcraft gift card for Christmas. (No, he hadn't sold his world of warcraft characters in order to buy his gift for me.) Mark in turn, in addition to some cool loot, hooked me up with a gift of a free trial to World of Warcraft. As our friend Travis quipped a couple of years ago when we all first got bit by the WoW bug, "Wow, it's like someone said, 'hey here's a free trial to drug addiction!'"

So, yes, fine readers. A disappearing I shall go, as for at least the next 10 days of my trial (and then, who am I kidding, forever after) I must return to The Sentinels server to help the dwarves and elves combat trolls and other nefarious critters in some long, drawn out fight over good and evil.


And Happy Holidays,