Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Canceled my World of Warcraft Subscription

Oh, I know - I'll be back... I always am. But I found it interesting that the choices for canceling a subscription have changed since the last time I dropped off the face of Azeroth. When prompted for my reason, I stated that I was leaving for another game. The secondary choices allowed for a few choices, and while pen-and-paper was primarily driving me away, I selected XBox 360, in hopes that enough votes towards the XBox might eventually lead to an XBox version of World of Warcraft. But here's the rather...I don't know...defensive(?) response that the system gave me after sharing that tidbit:

Interesting. Very interesting. Did you know:
We at Blizzard are extremely proud of the experience available in World of Warcraft and we are sorry to hear that you are leaving for another game. We feel that World of Warcraft incorporates elements from a varying array of games for all different types of players. If there is something you feel is missing from the game, we would love to hear about it! Please, feel free to post your thoughts and suggestions on our forums at! Or, use the provided box to leave your comments. Unlike console games, World of Warcraft affords us a unique development opportunity in that the game we have created is constantly changing. Additions to the game world can drastically alter the game play experience in new and exciting ways! Blizzard actively creates new content to keep the World of Warcraft fresh and full of magic. While we of course regret your departure, we wish you well on your future adventures. However, your past is not lost. We currently have no plans to delete accounts or characters for inactivity, so you are always free to return to the lands of Azeroth and continue your tale in the World of Warcraft!

That sounds a little different from what they've said in the past (it's always been assumed that characters are stored in perpetuity, and having to put up positioning against consoles seems new...). Huh.

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