Monday, January 9, 2012

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! D&D 5th Edition

To me the biggest news of the morning isn't the announcement about the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons (that's been rumored, wishlisted quite well, and expected since 4th Edition turned into the least playable thing to happen to gaming since the DC Comics RPG by Mayfair {Bazinga!}), no it was the circular reference between The New York Times covering the R&D that's going into D&D, linking to an article on the D&D website which in turn links back to the same NY Times article.  (Beware folks, it's turtles stacked upon themselves all the way down from here on out...) 

My unnecessary observation aside, I'm stoked about Wizards of the Coast moving away from 4th Edition (perhaps the least playable and least enjoyable RPG that I sunk money into over the years), and - according to the early speculation assumed from the blogosphere - moving towards something that should allow for the old-school Dungeon Masters to draw a graph paper map and populate it with monsters, or run a mock-up of World of Warcraft with powers and abilities.  (The left and right brain of nerddom, if you will.)

Morrus of fame was flown to Renton, WA to meet with the Wizards staff and unveil the plans for the new edition.  He has a great article to read, here

Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment.  I've already signed up for the playtests on the Wizards site, and am looking forward to this. 

I am also kicking myself that I neglected to list all of my 4th Edition books on ebay before it was too late.

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PoshFrosh said...

yeah, if you were gonna sell the 4th ed books on ebay, you should have also done it before you berated the 4th ed rules in this blog post, tee hee