Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kingdoms Live Update on iPhone

Riding off of my post about how crumby the iPad sounds to me, I feel I should give Apple some love. The iPhone does have a lot of cool stuff going for it (although, my wife's Droid makes me jealous), and the volume of stuff in the app store is one of its biggest assets. Shortly after getting the phone, I downloaded a bunch of free games, including Dungeon Quest and Kingdoms Live. Both are casual social games (billing themselves as MMO's, but that's a stretch...) Most of the functionality is of the FarmVille model - complete a quest, get a prize, buy stuff with fake currency to complete another quest. You can invest real currency into the games to upgrade your character, and Kingdoms Live is the only instance in which I've ever done that - to expand my party. For a while there, Dungeon Quest was my fave - its tie-in's to both Facebook and its cross-platform support on Android devices are hip. But check-a-dis! Kingdoms Live now has support for achievements/badges, much like an XBox game or 4Square. Pointless, true, but it adds a new aspect to the gameplay that adds to the social/competitive nature of it.

Check the release notes here:
and the overall description here:

And for those of you Android people out there, check this out and let me know what you think - a game called "Parallel Kingdom," which is basically Zelda using Google Maps... Hip!

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