Saturday, July 25, 2009

Roleplaying Games that are good to play 1 on 1?

No, not a return to my gamebook posting, from a few months back. My buddy Josh is coming over this afternoon for some gaming (and steak, but that's another blog...). We could play some runequest, I suppose, as his character is the protagonist for the RQ campaign I've been running, or we could just play a boardgame or card game, but we're in the mood for roleplaying. What games work effectively for a DM and player, in your opinion?

Ones that spring to mind for me are:
  • Call of Cthulhu - most of Lovecraft's stories were about sole individuals, not parties
  • Kobolds Ate my Baby - Beer and pretzels roleplaying at its best, and the adventures of a rogue kobold are always good for a few laughs
  • OD&D - the original red box still plays well one on one - heck, I've got a bunch of Expert level mods from the 80s that were intended for just one player and one dm
  • Eberron D&D 3.5 (waiting to try out 4e Eberron) - the film noir aspects of this D&D setting lent themselves well to lone detective games (heck, I lifted a ton of plot hooks for my eberron games from everything from Chinatown to classic pulp serials - Flash Gordon worked VERY well for the fragmented nations of Eberron...)
  • I'd say Magic: The Gathering, but thanks to Jim at Timewarp Comics, I sold my collection of cards years ago - thanks, man! you helped me kick the habit!
Any ideas? Want to share some stories of one-on-one games you've played?

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