Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am the Luckiest Man in the World

So, I'm driving to work, the other morning, listening to the local rock station, and the DJ says, "After the break, we'll have something special for fans of the 1980s cartoon, G.I. Joe..." With baited breath, I pulled over and dialled in after they announced that some lucky winner would get a boxed DVD set of G.I. Joe Season 1.1, and lucky me, I was caller 7. As one of my friends said, "Tyler, what's the phrase that pays?" Well, WNNJ, you're my hero.

Things I had forgotten about G.I. Joe since childhood:
  • The COBRA Temple looks like something out of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, mixed with a Stygian temple from Conan...
  • That G.I. Joe will always "return after these messages..."
  • COBRA Commander and Destro employ the same mind controlling headbands that Ming the Merciless used in the Flash Gordon serials, about 50 years earlier...
  • Destro had a Cthulhoid background...
  • Major Bludd looked way more badass than he sounded (was the voice actor an evil cartoon mouse on another show?)
  • Snake Eyes was way more badass than he looked.
  • Bullets never hit anything except for inanimate objects
  • There are not enough acronyms in the world
  • Sgt. Slaughter was not just a wrestler, he was a Joe
  • Destro controlled possessed Joes with a joystick
  • I still have a crush on The Baronness

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