Sunday, April 7, 2013

Steve Jackson Games continuing to give back to the hobby - an open letter to game designers to acquire their firms and IP.

This one's a tricky subject.  Is a mid-sized gaming company offering to acquire others:

  • a way of giving back to the hobby, by keeping some smaller scale games/intellectual property going?
  • RPG colonialism?
  • or an effort to make a beachhead against larger firms?
Gotta say, ever since GURPS Cyberpunk, I've had a soft spot for Steve Jackson Games as a provider of high-quality games with an anti-authority (read: anti-elves) edge.  Any game designer whose hot rulebook of the day cited The Cure and Neuromancer as influences sold me.  But, curious to see what others think of SJG putting out a cattle call to acquire other firms.

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