Thursday, May 7, 2009

Next RuneQuest Game - Sunday the 17th...

Picking my RuneQuest game back up on Sunday the 17th with the usual gang of idiots. The Destroyer - the hapless, unintended bringer of doom upon the world - and his co-horts will find themselves sailing downriver on their Dragonewt boat to the God Learner city of Kustria. Options will be laid out for them to stay local for a while and try to research more about this great plot against the Clanking City's defenses, or they may go out in one of many sandbox-y directions to adventure further - perhaps furthering the meta story, perhaps not.

For those of you gents in the campaign, what do you want to see? (comment here, if you'd like) For those of you running RuneQuest games, what is working for you in the current Glorantha setting?



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