Saturday, April 11, 2009

Living in a Cloud

Just landed one of them new, cheap as sin Acer D150 Net Books.  The intent being that I can now draft blog postings more easily on the fly while in transit (no, not when driving), and more importantly, spend more time working on my writing (both fiction and the games materials I design).  

All of this is letting me explore technology in some new and interesting ways, and figuring better ways to create content in a mobile world.  I've installed Google docs w/ offline support, Google Calendar and some other google apps that will frankly replace how I'd used MS Office on previous machines.  I've also amped up the way I have the machine configured for speed and security.  Lastly, I've set up Juice and Google Reader (w/ offline support, again - thank you Google Gears) so that I can just fire this puppy up in the AM, download my latest podcasts, and RSS feed articles, and digest them on the way to work or over my morning coffee on the days I'm at home.  

Yes, maybe I've just been drinking a serious amount of Jeff Jarvis' Kool Aid, but I'm excited at diving into the deep end of cloud computing with this 3 pound netbook after a couple of years of finding ways that I can use the world-as-a-platform to help drive the organization of my writing, my ideas about technology, and the way I communicate.  Now, to put all of these tools to good use...


Christian Carey said...

How are you dealing with wifi access? Did you subscribe to a provider, or are you relying on free hotspots?

Tyler said...

I like using JiWire to find hotspots. you've got a Starbuck's card, though, and buy something once a month with it you can get up to 2 hours free per day in most starbuck's. Panera has free access. And most of the cooler indie cafes offer free access now, too.

I've experimented with a Sprint 3G card, but the service is expensive unless you bundle it with a larger wireless contract. You can also plug most smart phones into your computer for limited internet access, too, but I wouldn't stay online and browse with it.