Monday, March 16, 2009

I survived the Ides of March

Benni, Mark, Josh, Jacob and I played through "Rune of Chaos" yesterday - the introductory RuneQuest module from Mongoose Publishing.  Aside from a few road bumps getting used to the BRP-cum-MongooseRuneQuest combat system (roll to hit, measure against dodge roll, find target location, measure damage, subtract armor...) the game went rather well.  The party completed the module in one long session, and we only had to fudge one set of mechanics.  (The arena scene pretty much depleted the party's resources just before the final battle.)  One complaint with the module - it doesn't leave enough open threads at the end of the adventure to really keep the storyline going beyond the published content.

The campaign setting of Glorantha is something we had some trouble integrating.  Aside from some flavor text about Gloranthan elves, there wasn't much to set the module in a particular location, so I picked an area to the South West of Peloria, and gave the party some introductory motivation of heading towards the Clanking City to help free it from the siege described in the Gloranthan campaign setting.  The text in the setting wasn't particularly helpful in tying in the module or finding a good place to start - I'll have to do some more research on that front, as I write the scenario for our next game.

As always, any feedback or recommendations are appreciated.  How are you running your games of RuneQuest?  What are good hooks to get an actual campaign underway, and what areas of the map are most easily used as starting points?  


Travis said...

Admen in Glorantha always have to ask "Yes, but will it play in Peloria?"

Tyler said...

I've often considered Glorantha just an elaborate setting to make a single pun, yes. ;)

Maybe if you actually join us for the next game, Travis, you can get in on the word games.